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What is POA in Aviation? (Production Organisation Approval)

Updated: March 07, 2024

What is Production Organisation Approval (POA)?

Production Organisation Approval (POA) is a certification granted by aviation authorities to manufacturers or organizations involved in the production or assembly of aircraft, components, and parts. It ensures that these entities meet specific regulatory requirements and quality standards in the production process. POA is an essential aspect of aviation safety and ensures that aircraft and their components are manufactured in accordance with approved design data, specifications, and procedures.

The Importance of Production Organisation Approval

Production Organisation Approval (POA) plays a critical role in the aviation industry. It ensures that manufacturers and organizations involved in aircraft production adhere to stringent quality and safety standards. Here are some key reasons why POA is important:

Ensuring Quality and Compliance

POA ensures that manufacturers and organizations comply with regulatory requirements set by aviation authorities. It requires them to establish and maintain a comprehensive system of quality control to ensure that their products meet all applicable airworthiness standards. By obtaining POA, manufacturers demonstrate their commitment to producing safe and reliable aircraft and components.

Aviation authorities conduct regular audits and inspections to verify compliance with the approved procedures and specifications. This ensures that the manufacturing process remains consistent and that any deviations or non-compliance are promptly identified and addressed.

Furthermore, POA requires manufacturers to have an effective system for controlling and monitoring their suppliers and subcontractors. This helps ensure that all parts and components used in the production process meet the necessary quality standards.

Promoting Safety and Airworthiness

One of the primary objectives of POA is to promote aviation safety. By ensuring that manufacturers adhere to approved design data and specifications, POA helps minimize the risk of faulty or substandard aircraft and components entering service. This is crucial for maintaining the airworthiness of aircraft and preventing accidents or incidents caused by manufacturing defects.

Aviation authorities require manufacturers to implement robust quality management systems that encompass all aspects of the production process. This includes maintaining detailed records of inspections, tests, and other quality control activities. By doing so, manufacturers can trace the origin and history of each component, enabling effective quality control and identification of any potential issues.

Additionally, the POA process also involves the assessment of the manufacturer's personnel qualifications and training programs. This ensures that the individuals involved in the production process possess the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out their tasks competently, further enhancing safety and airworthiness.

Facilitating International Trade and Certifications

POA is recognized internationally and helps facilitate the acceptance of aircraft and components manufactured in one country by aviation authorities in other countries. This is particularly important for manufacturers engaged in global trade and export of aviation products.

By obtaining POA, manufacturers demonstrate their compliance with internationally accepted standards and regulations, which streamlines the process of obtaining certifications from other aviation authorities. This reduces the bureaucratic hurdles and enables manufacturers to expand their market reach, promoting economic growth and competitiveness in the aviation industry.

The Process of Obtaining Production Organisation Approval

The process of obtaining Production Organisation Approval (POA) involves several steps and requirements. Here's an overview of the typical process:

Application and Documentation

The first step in obtaining POA is submitting an application to the relevant aviation authority. The application includes comprehensive documentation that outlines the organization's quality system, procedures, and capabilities. This documentation should demonstrate that the organization can meet all applicable regulatory requirements and airworthiness standards.

The documentation typically includes details about the organization's management structure, quality control processes, personnel qualifications and training programs, manufacturing facilities and equipment, as well as any subcontractors or suppliers involved in the production process.

It is essential to provide accurate and complete information in the application to ensure a smooth evaluation process by the aviation authority.

Evaluation and Audit

Upon receiving the application, the aviation authority evaluates the documentation and conducts an audit of the organization's facilities and processes. The audit aims to verify that the organization's procedures and practices align with the approved design data, specifications, and regulatory requirements.

The audit may include inspecting the manufacturing facilities, reviewing records and documentation, interviewing personnel, and assessing the overall quality management system. Any non-compliance or areas of improvement identified during the audit need to be addressed by the organization before POA can be granted.

Granting of Production Organisation Approval

If the organization successfully meets all the requirements and passes the audit, the aviation authority grants Production Organisation Approval. This approval is usually valid for a specified period and subject to regular surveillance audits to ensure ongoing compliance with the approved procedures and standards.

Once POA is granted, the organization can proceed with the production or assembly of aircraft, components, and parts. However, it is important to note that POA is not a one-time certification. Manufacturers must maintain a robust quality control system and continue to meet the regulatory requirements to retain their POA status.


Production Organisation Approval (POA) is a crucial certification for manufacturers and organizations involved in the production or assembly of aircraft, components, and parts. It ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, promotes safety and airworthiness, and facilitates international trade. By obtaining POA, manufacturers demonstrate their commitment to producing high-quality and reliable aviation products. The process of obtaining POA involves thorough evaluation and audits by aviation authorities to ensure adherence to approved procedures and standards. POA is an essential component of aviation safety and plays a vital role in maintaining the integrity and airworthiness of aircraft.

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